safety2shoes protect both feet and floors

safety2shoes give your feet what your work gloves give your hands: solid protection.

You can walk in and out of homes with wet, dirty safety shoes without destroying floors and carpets.

You do not have to cover floors and you save time, as you do not have to take your shoes on and off. This lets you keep enjoying the protection of your safety shoes.

What are safety2shoes?

Safety shoes covered with latex.

Quick to fit over your work shoes as you walk in and out of buildings.

Protects floor, shoes and you as a tradesperson.

Slip-proof studs keep your shoes in place, but safety2shoes are also reversible, so the studs help you get a better grip if you are walking on a wet surface.

The good quality ensures long durability and makes sure that you do not scratch floors if a stone is stuck under your shoes, for example.

Design and patent protected.

Approved as a safety product.

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