About safety2shoes

When a carpentry apprentice got the idea for safety2shoes, an everyday problem was solved, because is difficult for tradespeople to go in and out of buildings when there is sand and soil outside and delicate floors inside:

"I thought it was so difficult to go in and out of houses with items. The thin plastic solutions my colleagues were using were neither durable nor safe, "said Sune Krogh, who refined his idea and put the design- and patent-protected shoes into production with partner John Robert Andersen.

Who can use safety2shoes?

safety2shoes is developed by a tradesperson – for other tradespeople.

Foreman Jacob Justsen from Pallisgaard A/S is very excited:

"It's a brilliant idea, which is very useful to carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers - well, all sorts of tradespeople. Some of us work on construction sites, and on a muddy day it takes time to get ready again when you go in and out 10-15 times a day and at the same time have to ensure no floors are damaged. But also in housing associations, where you are inside the house for a short period of time, it is a great solution. In our profession you need safety shoes, but that’s a problem when you’re walking into people's living rooms."

From carpentry apprentice to entrepreneur

"You should be able to protect your feet, just like you protect your hands with gloves," thought Sune Krogh, creating the foundation for a whole new business.

About safety2shoes

It was the former carpenter, Sune Krogh, who got the idea for safety2shoes.

Product video

With safety2shoes, you will always have clean shoes and avoid causing trouble over dirty or scratched floors.

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