• You save time, because you can quickly fit safety2shoes over your work shoes.

  • It causes problems with Health & Safety and your insurance if something goes wrong when you’re not wearing safety shoes. With safety2shoes you can keep your shoes on all the time.

  • You have a good grip, thus minimizing your risk of accidents.

  • You avoid scratching people's floors and do not have to worry about your shoes getting dirty and leaving dirt or marks behind.


Available in two sizes: Size 38-42 and size 43-48.

Will they give me good grip?

Yes! Anti-slip pads inside safety2shoes keep your work shoes in place


But keep in mind that you can also turn safety2shoes inside out if you are walking on a slippery floor, so that the pads can help you get a better grip. Therefore, we know that it’s not only tradespeople who find them useful. For cleaning staff, for example, it is a great advantage to be able to stand safely on a freshly mopped floor.


safety2shoes can be compared to gloves. This means that they last for a long time, but it depends, of course, on how much you use them and what type of floor you tend to walk on.


The recommended retail price is 35 kr. per pair.

Who is behind them?

safety2shoes is a Danish product that came about because carpenter Sune Krogh got a good idea when he was an apprentice.


It was annoying to use a thin plastic cover that broke after a few minutes. At the same time, Sune’s employer insisted that his safety shoes should be laced and stay on his feet.


Therefore, the new apprentice came to wonder if there was something that protected feet - just as you protect your hands with gloves. 


"I got the idea one day when we were out with a customer, and I talked all the way home, because I could not understand that it did not already exist. I was just an apprentice, so I asked others and felt very aware of how the problem could be solved. Eventually, the person driving the car asked me if I couldn’t just go to sleep," says Sune Krogh.


Sune did not let go of the idea, however, but went on to experiment at home using his mother's sewing machine. Later he got a partner, and today safety2shoes is in production to supply both the Danish and international markets.


safety2shoes are design and patent protected

The shoe covers meet the usage and safety requirements that are required for daily use in the trade industry.

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